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Complete Computer Support for Small Business and Individuals.

On-Site services and private consulting available by appointment. We are closely associated with a number of Computer Professionals, programmers, and designers and can provide many services. We offer personal computer services including repair, upgrades, and support to the local community. We will come to your office or home. Contact Us Today!

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We put new websites online every week.  We create websites for businesses, clubs, performers, and regular people.  From businesses that want exposure to the world to the person that wants their own blog.  We can have your site up and online in no time at all.

We like using WordPress for the websites we create for a number of reasons.  The biggest reason is so you have a website that allows you to log in and create your own announcements and articles.  WordPress works for the blogger and just as well as for the full blown corporate website.  It has won awards for being one of the best Content Management Systems available and it is Open Source.  This means there are lots of developers working to keep it up to date.

We custom design our WordPress sites using a custom designed template or theme that includes your logo and graphics.  Plus WordPress has many available add-ons or plugins that can give your site features like photo galleries, contact forms, music streaming and downloads.

Let us create a custom website for you!!  We also offer web hosting services so we can supply a complete Website Package.

We also offer more personal website services

such as smaller, personal web hosting packages along with upgrades and add-ons that we can take care of for you. You can see these in our Site Services Store.

Our regular self-hosting packages are easy enough to use and all aspects of the hosting server are at your control but then, many people just aren’t sure what it is they are controlling, and thats where we can help.  We can take care of those details for you.


We are  experienced setting up WordPress Web Software that can be custom tailored to look very unique and give you a website that not only looks good but has the ability to let you log on and make updates, create articles and add your latest news.  Starting with one of the thousands of available FREE themes you can create a website/blog that exactly matches your needs. Businesses, Clubs, Musicians, Restaurants, Personal Publishers, Artists, Photographers, any application can be made.

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