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Complete Computer Support for Small Business and Individuals.

On-Site services and private consulting available by appointment. We are closely associated with a number of Computer Professionals, programmers, and designers and can provide many services. We offer personal computer services including repair, upgrades, and support to the local community. We will come to your office or home. Contact Us Today!

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Need a Forum or Discussion Board.

We can create and host a website for you that includes a discussion forum or we can add one to your existing website.  A discussion forum can be used for many different things and gives your users a way to interact with each other. It can also be used for letting your users know about your latest plans and events and allows for feedback on these topics.

We use WordPress to create a website that includes this functionality.  We can custom design the look this way and make the forums blend into the other parts of your website seamlessly.

Click the link below for an example.

The Atco Town Crier Forums

If this is something you want to add to your website or blog, contact us for more information.