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Complete Computer Support for Small Business and Individuals.

On-Site services and private consulting available by appointment. We are closely associated with a number of Computer Professionals, programmers, and designers and can provide many services. We offer personal computer services including repair, upgrades, and support to the local community. We will come to your office or home. Contact Us Today!

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For Performers

We Create, Host, and Support many musician, band, and performer’s websites.

We know that performers are on a serious budget when they first get started but we also know that it is important to have a web presence.

It’s important to have your own domain name that makes it easy to tell fans and  venues where information about you, or your band, can be found.

Your website can be used to announce upcoming gigs, blog about the music you make, collect fan email addresses, even have mp3 music for download or just listening too.

Your website can also be a portal to all your other networking sites like MySpace, GarageBand or Facebook.  You can also supply links to the services that sell your music.

danaceleste.comMinimal thing to do is get a domain name and simple 1 page website.  A custom designed page with your picture, logo and buttons or links to your social networking sites and wherever else you want to send fans and website visitors.

Another solution is to have a 3 or 4 page website with some pictures and content.  A home page, a bio page, picture page, and a contact page make a reasonable site.  It provides a web presence but really doesn’t provide for easy and frequent updating.

Better Solution!  Use WordPress and have a unique website that lets you post all the information you want along wkrisnoyes.comith photo galleries, gig schedules, music streaming, music downloads and live blogging that lets you post news and announcements to keep your followers up to date.  A site theme or template can be developed using your images and graphics and your site will look like no other on the web.

Any way you want to go we would be happy to work with you and  develop a terrific website!

It’s cheaper than you think!