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Different Page Layouts

With WordPress not every page has to look the same!

Your website can have different page layouts for different areas of your site.

You can have pages with featured videos, special sidebars, content listings and more.  We also create special pages using various plugins like the Featured Content Gallery plugin that lets you have photo slideshows on your page associated to a featured category.

With WordPress you can set up a great looking website that has a very nice looking home page and list your blog or news as a special page.

This page is just an example of altering the look! A page like this can be used to feature a video or photo gallery.  Your content area can be used to tell the story and the comments will appear under the video.

Pages like this require a special page template and a special sidebar file which once created can be duplicated to create as many different feature pages as you would like.

Mini Mag Home Page

Mini Mag uses the Featured Content Gallery plugin and gives a nice Home Page

BlueBiz1 Full Page

BlueBiz Theme – full width page template with fixed widgets at bottom.

Mini Mag in Charcoal

Another Featured Content Gallery Home Page

Full Page with Feature and Content and Widgeted Bottom

Here’s a page that features a post.

Using Page templates and having your home page display a special page makes it look like a Website and yet still lets you have a blog to post news and announcements.