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Complete Computer Support for Small Business and Individuals.

On-Site services and private consulting available by appointment. We are closely associated with a number of Computer Professionals, programmers, and designers and can provide many services. We offer personal computer services including repair, upgrades, and support to the local community. We will come to your office or home. Contact Us Today!

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Free Themes

Free Basic Themes For WordPress

We create quite a few WordPress Themes for our clients and therefor we end up with lots of un-used themes.  So we take some of them and release them here for anyone to use.  They are tested and full featured with no hidden code or ads.  We just put a credit link at the bottom.  Since we give these away we ask you to please leave that little link there.

Our Free WordPress Themes can be found HERE!

We created most of these themes using Artisteer Software.  Some we modified slightly but they are pretty much straight out of Artisteer. They make it incredibly easy to create your own WordPress themes without actual coding.  Once you create your basic theme you can add anything you want.

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Generator

We can modify any of our free themes to include Featured Content Gallery Home Pages, Music Players, Slide Shows, Custom Contact Forms and More!

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